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Looking For Sat Math Tips and Tricks?

If you are weak in math, or just looking for SAT math tips and tricks so that you can score well on the overall SAT test, you have landed on the right page.  No question about this, with an excellent SAT score you can attend the Ivy League college of your dream, get big scholarship money, and avoid having to do college remedial math.

 According to a U.S. News report, nationwide, approximately 20 percent of freshmen entering four-year colleges are placed into remedial English and Mathematics courses. At community colleges, that number tripled to about 60 percent.

This is a financial burden to both the students and the universities. Not only do remedial courses cost money, they do not even count for college credit. Based on a research conducted by the National Bureau for Economic Research, the annual cost of remedial education is about $7 billion dollars. Secondly, students will end up spending more time in college; and the more time they spend in college, the more money they will end up spending/owing for their overall college education.
Source: U.S NEWS

What Exactly is the SAT?
Formerly known as the Scholastic Assessment Test and the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the SAT is not designed as an indicator of student achievement, but rather as an aid for predicting how well students will perform in college.

The SAT Scores are Declining
Between 1998–99 and 2004–05, based on statistics from the U.S Department of EDUCATION, the average score for SAT increased by 9 points, but it declined by 6 points between 2004–05 and 2011–12. 
Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2013). Digest of Education Statistics, 2012 (NCES 2014-015), Chapter 2. 

Shocking News
Shockingly, only 43 percent of test-takers in 2013 met the SAT's definition of being adequately prepared for college, a statistic that has remained stagnant since 2009. The 1.6 million test-takers averaged 496 in reading, 514 on math and 488 on writing, according to a  report released by the College Board, the company behind the college entrance exams.

According to the College Board, if a student successfully score 1550 out of 2400, there is a 65 % chance that he/she will earn a college GPA of B-minus or better. 

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